What is this story about?

This is a story about everything from light and breezy sunshine to heavy rains and storms and how to swim and not drown when life is giving you lemons. There will be personal development, living life to its fullest, being your best you, caring for others and surely also a little world peace in it. In short it’s this:

How to love yourself and become invinsible, immortal and super rich!

In long it’s… Well, it’s the whole story that unfolds here at the blog.

Apart from that it’s hopefully worth mentioning that this is not a disguised way of selling training programs, or trying to fool you that there is a super-easy and fast hazzle-free step-by-step way to complete happiness. Instead it’s a true story from my life. It’s me trying to share what I’ve learned, and hopefully a way to meet others who can share chapters from their stories. Hopefully we can all give each other a little love and maybe world peace in the end.

If you need a quick step-by-step how-to, it’s this:

  1. Look yourself in a mirror.
  2. Say to yourself, “I love you.”
  3. Practice every day and whenever you need it.
  4. Try to do it unconditionally and try to believe yourself.
  5. See what happens and use it well.

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